Greenhouses have many advantages

Greenhouses have many advantages

There is no definite answer to a question about which type of a greenhouse – glass, film or polycarbonate, is the best. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore an individual approach is required. That is why support team is here to help you with your wishes. We should not always follow the trends and buy the latest novelty. It may happen that old and trusted materials are much more efficient for particular goals than the modern and new materials.

To make a correct choice you must answer following questions: Why do you need a greenhouse? What will you grow in it? What is the desired area? During which season will the greenhouse be used? How much time are you going to spend on it? How much money are you ready to spend on it? Answers to all of these questions must be seriously thought through.

It is not complicated to cover a greenhouse in film, and you can always easily dismantle a roof or a wall made of film. The only disadvantage is the fact that you will need to reinstall the film each year. However you can forget about the film greenhouse during the winter, since if you are unable to visit your greenhouse and shovel snow, it is even better.

The film is dismantled for winter and the soil is covered in snow, which ensures natural humidity and temperature for the micro-organisms that live in the soil. Soil deep-freezes if it is not covered by snow and micro-organisms die, thus in winter it is necessary to cover the soil of the greenhouse in manure or snow, or the soil will not thaw in time for the season.

Another important aspect is the foundation of the greenhouse. Should you make a foundation for your greenhouse? Yet again, each case is individual. On one hand the greenhouse that stands on a foundation is more durable, but if you decide to change the location of the greenhouse, it will be quite complicated and costly.

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